Prototype Citroen M35

Prototype Citroen M35
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L'Opération M35

Somewhere between '69 and now a myth was created that 3 blue M35's were built, painted in Bleu Delta. Two of them should have been fitted with floor mounted gear-shift, like the Ami Super had. One should even have had a Convertisseur, a semi-automatic gearbox from the GS.

No. 122 was supposed to be one of them, No. 39 from the Heuliez-collection, the other. The third was never traced.

No. 122 is indeed blue and has floor shift from an Ami Super. Under the blue paint we found a yellow paint and under that even the standard Gris Nacré. The new owner has been able to trace a previous owner, he told him that he had first repainted the car yellew and later on blue. With the last paintjob he fitted the floor shift, because wife had difficulties with reaching for the normal one. Soon we will have more on the life of this car.

No. 39 has a normal gearshift and has been delivered in the standard grey. This can be seen on several parts of the car. After that M. Heuliez had the car repainted in his favorite color, blue.



We have not found any further proof of M35's coming from Citroën in other colors or models, except for the two preseries models. A bit of a shame, because it sounded so exciting.