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Prototype Citroen M35
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Kijk hier voor historie, artikelen en naslagwerken

Kijk hier welke auto's gebouwd zijn en wat er over bekend is

Kijk hier wat er allemaal met M35's beleefd wordt

L'Opération M35

L'Opération M35

In November 1969, all Citroen press services reported on the 'Operation M35' with the press release below. Along with the official announcement was also the specification of the M35 released. All strictly on the condition that the information only from November 24th could be published. In this case it is the communication of Citroën Brussels to the Flemish press services.

Somewhere between '69 and now a myth was created that 3 blue M35's were built, painted in Bleu Delta. Two of them should have been fitted with floor mounted gear-shift, like the Ami Super had. One should even have had a Convertisseur, a semi-automatic gearbox from the GS.

No. 122 was supposed to be one of them, No. 39 from the Heuliez-collection, the other. The third was never traced.

Facebook friend Koen came across this Blog while searching the internet and found this great picture.


The gas spring under the trunk lid of No. 168 didn't work properly. So the owner went looking for a replacement and found it. At the Laman company in Amsterdam, , he first ordered the original Stabilus spring of 15kg's. This one proved to be slightly altered, as a result the lid didn't open fully.

Later he ordered the same spring with 20kg's of pressure, the Stabilus 2236 LN. This one worked perfectly and appears to look original as well. As soon as we have a picture of it, we will post it.

Here's a fragment of a short film about the coöperation between Citroën and NSU, the 16 minute film can be seen through the link below this article.

The fragment shows a scene which I haven't been able to find before; the testing of M35-technique under an Ami 6 Berline. They're driving on the circuit of Monthléry, near Parijs, probably somewhere in 1968. Will this testbed still exist?