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Prototype Citroen M35
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L'Opération M35

We've got a quote, subscription possible

At first the front windscreen of the M35 looks like one from an Ami 8. But it has more height and was made specifically for the M35. Unfortunately it has been unavailable for quite a while, which frightens some owners when they're touring the countryside. One stonechip can end the windscreen and the pleasure of driving for quite a while, one M35 is known to be stored because of a crashed windscreen.

To produce just one windscreen is not easy; try to find an owner who will lend you his to make a mould and on top of that the production of a single copy will be astronomically expensive (from 2500,-!!).

The owners of No. 122 and No. 470 have initiated a project to find out if more owners will be interested to take a windscreen in stock, so a small series can be produced which will have a positive effect on the price. The idea is to lower the price to approx 500,- per copy, hopefully even lower if we are able to find a good supplier, do some good bargaining and have a good amount to order. A windscreen from one of the cars of the collection will be used as a sample.

EDIT 8 november 2012

They made a step forward and found a company which can produce a laminated version. They got a quote on the production of 10 (718,- each) and 15 or more (546,-each), prices including taxes. The last figure seems very acceptable to me, the more reason to find as much interested owners as possible. If you’re starting or finishing a restoration or, like me, want a spare one; please contact us.

We’re planning to order them on short term (next week) on order to be able to have them delivered before next Spring. In time to prepare your car for next years enjoyment.

We already have 9 subscriptions, we look forward to your response. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.