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Prototype Citroen M35
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L'Opération M35

UPDATE 04.05.'16 Manuals are ready

It took some time, but finally the instruction manuals are ready. We are quite happy with the final result.

All owners that ordered a copy have been contacted by email to further arrange payment and shipping.


In December there was not much progress on the production of the instruction manual, but we have now picked it up again. Based on the higher quality psd files a new digital version has been created. We were also able to scan a better picture for page 61 from yet another original manual.

The current file must now be checked for any remaining smudges and stains that should be removed. Next we will print one or two test versions again. If these are OK we can print all ordered manuals. In total 20 manuals were ordered by 12 people. When the test versions are printed, we will also know the cost per booklet and we will contact you to arrange the prepayment.


Reproduction Citroen M35 manual

We, Jan Paul and Eveline (proud owners of #83), have revived the initiative to reproduce the instruction manual for the Citroen M35. Starting point was the existing digital version of the booklet in pdf format that is also available on the website We wanted to make sure that the manual would have a reasonable price, but it should at the same time as much as possible have the same look and the same dimensions as the original.


Eveline has taken up this challenge. Because printing of small editions gets very expensive, she searched for an alternative. She found a professional reproduction office that could copy, cut, fold and staple the booklets. For the cover and for the other pages, Eveline selected a suitable type of paper. The pdf was made “print ready” by her and next we had two sample copies made. See the pictures that go with this article. The “prototypes” looked quite good, however the text was not as sharp as in the original. The problem lay with the quality of the pdf document. Fortunately we then received some psd files with a higher resolution. Eveline will use those files for the final version of the booklet.

We would at this point like to know how many copies we should order. The price per copy will be around € 25. On top of that you will have to take account of any delivery cost, off course.

If your are interested in purchasing one or more of these manuals, then please let us know by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your response should at minimum hold the following information:

- Name

- Email

- Postal address

- Number of copies you want to order

On the website and via email we will keep you posted on the progress.