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Prototype Citroen M35
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L'Opération M35

La nouvelle Opération M35

Some time ago we started la Nouvelle Opération M35. 16 M35's in racks against the wall, what should be their future? One observation of many was they all had not been used for about 35 years; they should be enjoyed again.

In 1970 Citroën initiated the original Opération M35 to learn from the use of the rotary engine in a dedicated car by a group of selected users. La Nouvelle Opération M35 was also started to learn, from each other and the gathered documentation. Every sold M35 left with a significant amount of digitalised articles, workshop manuals, pictures and other documentation.

We got a tip from one of our friends from the world that’s called NSU, concerning one of the points of improvement on our Wankel-engines; the spark plugs! The original Beru and Bosch plugs aren’t too easy to find and mostly at a high price. They tend to get greasy and are quite difficult to clean. On the Mazda RX7 other, more modern spark plugs are used and now we use these on the M35 as well. We (No. 467 and No. 122) had some adaptors made to fit the smaller NGK BR10ET plug in the original housing.

Translation in English not yet available (if you feel like making the translation, please feel free..).

Rotary Stock 2013, 7-7-'13. Met No.122 naar het Wankelevenement van de RX7-club op het Midlandcircuit in Lelystad.

Als ik de paddock nader word ik verwelkomt door leden van de Mazda RX7 club en doorverwezen naar een plekje voor speciale zeldzame Rotarys. Ik kom te staan naast een Sachs grasmaaier, een Hercules Sachs motorfiets en een Mazda kitcar op polyester basis en word meteen aangesproken door Belgen die alle ins en out van de M35 willen weten. No.122 wordt de hele dag door meerdere binnenlandse en buitenlandse fotografen in diverse poses vastgelegd.

Having the annual DS-Club-Deutschland-meeting exceptionally next door, with a drive on the world´s highest mine dump – which is normally closed for cars – as its highlight, I decided to leave my brave old DS in its garage, but to cause some confusion by showing up in an M35.

UPDATE. No. 100 has a new owner in Belgium. He's also going to contribute to this website.

Another step forward in La Nouvelle Opération M35. No. 415 has been sold in Holand and No. 134 has even found a new owner in Japan.