Prototype Citroen M35

Prototype Citroen M35
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Kijk hier voor historie, artikelen en naslagwerken

Kijk hier welke auto's gebouwd zijn en wat er over bekend is

Kijk hier wat er allemaal met M35's beleefd wordt

L'Opération M35

La nouvelle Opération M35

Amaury de Rodellec thinks that the M35 could have been like this in 2013. He frequently publishes Revivals of classic car models at his website ; have a look around, I really enjoyed myself.

During his recent visit to Japan Hugo, our co-administrator for this website, visited the Mazda museum in Hiroshima. And they’ve got some Wankels as well! Here are couple of pictures of the engine-departement.

Februari 23rd it was time to collect the new windscreens. Paul had stuffed his XM and invited several owners to a nice location, Garage Visscher's showroom in Culemborg. Here we could admire the collection of Citroëns, Peugeots en Simca’s and meanwhile chat with each other. Two owners defied the wintery weather and came with their M35's, the rest chose to come with more salt-restistant transportation.

The production of M35 windscreens hast started, here's a picture of the first one being cut. Do you want to join this project; let us know as soon as possible. More news will be published soon.


Today I spoke to the owner of No. 158, he was busy getting his engine running again. He succeeded partially, with a lot of smoke and water leaking into the oil. Time to do things thoroughly and take the engine apart. His question was if several parts are still available and if I had pictures of parts of the engine. Yes, I do! During the disassembly of No. 473's engine I took several pictures.

We'll discuss the seals and gaskets later on, first a peek into the engine.