Prototype Citroen M35

Prototype Citroen M35
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Kijk hier voor historie, artikelen en naslagwerken

Kijk hier welke auto's gebouwd zijn en wat er over bekend is

Kijk hier wat er allemaal met M35's beleefd wordt

L'Opération M35

La nouvelle Opération M35

Dear friend of the Citroën M35,

On Saturday August 13th between 9.45 and 18:00 you are invited to pass by the M35 Meeting / Line-up at the ICCCR meeting, Landgoed Middachten, De Steeg, Netherlands.


Just like many other parts of the Citroen M35, the exhaust has been manufactured specifically for this car. Unfortunately it may happen that after 45 years it has to be replaced. Off course it will be feasible to use parts that are readily available at your local garage and construct a usable exhaust from those parts. However, if you are the owner of a Citroen M35, you will probably only want to mount an exhaust that is (almost) original.


A smaller model of the M35 was already available, but soon it will come to your showcase in 1:18 as well. It’s from Otto Models and on the pictures it looks very nicely detailed, we’re curious!

UPDATE 04.05.'16 Manuals are ready

It took some time, but finally the instruction manuals are ready. We are quite happy with the final result.

All owners that ordered a copy have been contacted by email to further arrange payment and shipping.


In December there was not much progress on the production of the instruction manual, but we have now picked it up again. Based on the higher quality psd files a new digital version has been created. We were also able to scan a better picture for page 61 from yet another original manual.

On Sunday 27 September the Dutch Citroën ID/DS Club held its autumn meeting at the location of the former shipyards of the Royal Dutch Navy in the city of Den Helder. One of the special events was an exhibition of a “timeline” of DS’s with a Citroën DS from each year the car was manufactured (1956-1975). Next to this line up of Goddesses a number of contemporary Citroën cars were invited to complete the picture. M35 no. 83 was part of this and was positioned between big brother SM and a beautiful Citroën GS.