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Prototype Citroen M35
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My M35, No. 63,is from 10 March 1970 and was bought by a pharmacist,
Mr. Edel, in Calvados department, plate number 200 QC 14.

Then it changes from hands, always in Calvados, same plate number, no date.
In the 24 June 1992, it was bought by Mr. GILLES Louis, retired Citroen
dealer, from Condé sur l’Escaut dept 59, near the Belgian border, new number
plate 7293 TR 59.

Driving it from Calvados to Nord, the water pump broke and the engine
overheated. He then restored the engine and the car and added a water temperature gauge
in the place of the lighter.

He died in 2004, his wife kept the car in the garage for a moment.
Then I bought it from her the 24th sept 2007, new number plate 35 YA 85.
I have done just a little work after this long time parked, as the hydraulic
switch (conjoncteur/disjoncteur) which was locked, the plugs and ignition
system, tank cleaning, oil, the fonts on the wings….
It’s still running well, but with sometimes ignition failures due to the old
depression cap.

Body is in a very good shape, with a good looking paint, not as new, I
Tachometer and warning sound are not running, and the 3 hydraulic icons on
the dash board were cut, don’t know why,
I received a few spare parts ( new carburetor, generator..but not a cap!)
and some docs with it.

I would like to get in contact with other M35-owners and would be happy to hear from you.