Prototype Citroen M35

Prototype Citroen M35
Explication Citroen M35
Citroen M35 à vendre
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L'Opération M35

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A message from Paul, the initiator of this project;

We’ve had a lot of response on the project, thanks for that. Our goal was an order of 15 windscreens to get an affordable price. We (almost) succeeded in that, we’ve got 14 M35-owners interested and the feeling that some others will jump on as well. December 6th I gave the order to the factory.

I chose to make the order now, because the factory could guarantee production in February and delivery in March. Now there still was a chance of getting it in their scheme, as it was rapidly filling and we would like to have the windscreens before next driving-season.

As said we have 14 participants, might we be able to raise it to 25 the factory can give us a slightly better price. The order for this extra amount can be given up to the date of production, so it leaves us some time to approach other owners, through Citroë and other channels. Some French participants already offered to get some more attention for the project in France.

Warranty and fit; it’s going to be laminated and non-tinted glass, where the original was non-tinted and tempered. The thickness of the screen will nearly the same. The reproduction will be identical to the supplied screen, with a margin of 1-1,5mm in height and width. As the screen is mounted in rubber this will not give any problem. The sample we supply is the screen coming from my M35, so it has proven it’s fit. The fact that “our” bodies have been handmade doesn’t influence the fit. They were all made to moulds, so should be similar within small margins. Next to that Citroën will not have made a separate screen for every car, they should thus be identical. Should anyone find out in a service announcement that they changed the dimensions, we’d like to hear that of course. But we didn’t find any indication for that.

Etching the logo; if we deliver atemplate to the factory, they can add the original logo on the windscreen. This will be done at our responsibility, as it is in fact is forgery….In any case the logo of the factory will be applied. Now we have to find someone to make a template….

Window seal; if there’s enough interest for it, reproduction of the seal can be considered as well. If you would be interested, please tell us on the order confirmation I will send you soon.

As soon as there’s any news, we will let you know through Citroë or email.

Best regards,
Paul (No. 470)