Prototype Citroen M35

Prototype Citroen M35
Explication Citroen M35
Citroen M35 à vendre
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L'Opération M35

Il n'ya pas de traduction disponible pour cet article. Nous serions très reconnaissant de bien vouloir, si vous souhaitez traduire.

Februari 23rd it was time to collect the new windscreens. Paul had stuffed his XM and invited several owners to a nice location, Garage Visscher's showroom in Culemborg. Here we could admire the collection of Citroëns, Peugeots en Simca’s and meanwhile chat with each other. Two owners defied the wintery weather and came with their M35's, the rest chose to come with more salt-restistant transportation.

After a guided tour and coffee (thanks to mister Visscher for his hospitality) we shared knowledge and enthousiasme and discussed our intentions for more of these projects (exhausts, monogrammes, gasket-kits). In the end we connected 20 owners in this project, a first step where more can follow. We thanked Paul for his committed approach and received our windscreens. Some will via via find their way to France and the USA.

If you have ideas in the reproduction of parts, organising a meetng or any other form of sharing fun with the M35’s; please let us know, we will then post it here.

(Pictures by Ingo and Michel)