Prototype Citroen M35

Prototype Citroen M35
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L'Opération M35

When Citroën announced they were going to add the M35 to their selling programme, immediately 5000 people showed their interest. From them 500 were picked. Until now we thought the buyers had to make their decision upon the press kit, Revue de Presse, but now there are some doubts about that.


Designer Kees-Jan Smit surprisingly found this lovely brochure in a pile of old Citroën documentation next to his scanner and showed it on Facebook. Widespread disbelief in the reactions to it, especially because of the Dutch registration number on the M35 and the lack of coffee stains on the brochure. Hopefully someone can trace if the dealer mentioned on the stamp imprint still exists, if the brochure led to a sale and which number M35 was involved.



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