Prototype Citroen M35

Prototype Citroen M35
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We got this picture from a Dutch Citroën-enthousiast. He has made the picture when he bought another Citroën in Picardië in 2011. No. 171 still exists!

No. 83 | 25.03.'70 | 67.000km| SOLD

At the moment we're getting No. 83 ready for the road again. It already has new tires, brakes, etc. and we're finishing work on the engine.

No. 92 | 15.04.'70 | 34.000km| €8.500,-

This M35 needs some attention and care, but is a solid basis for restoration.

No. 94 | 04.04.'70 | 31.000km| €12.500,- SOLD

This M35 is in about the same condition as our No. 473 was before restoration. It's got some surface rust, but no real misery can be found. The engine can be turned, we didn't do anything further to it yet.

No. 100 | 00.04.'70 | 100.008km| €13.500,- Sold

Even the number looks good on this M35. On top of that is has a beautiful veil of dust and patina, which makes it almost an object of art ready to be pushed into its showcase.