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Prototype Citroen M35
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No. 415 | 16.12.'70 | 39.000km| €12.500,-

No. 415 was put on the road December 16 ‘70. From ‘73 on M35’s were taken back by Citroën, organised through the dealers. They got the opportunity to keep a car, if the registration was handed over. Later on in the seventies there was another opportunity to get one from Citroëns storage. Several dealers had a small collection, often with cars that had been traded in.

The owner of No. 429 send us this nice message, where we found out it's No. 415.

"I came across this picture while searching for pictures of Citroën SM in my archive. It was made in April 1982 at Citroën dealer Roques in Alencon. At the time we were looking for Traction Avants, but I thought this peculiar car was worth taking a picture as well. Unfortunately no number visible, but maybe the registration number will help you. This M35 was in a good driveable condition. I didn't know I would encounter mine a year later...."

We were able to trace another one! No. 158 is with a Citroën- enthousiast in Texas. It is told to be in nice original condition and has a near new interior.

We're going to send a set of sparkplugs to the US to get the car running again. Hopefully we'll hear about the experiences on the road.

EDIT Even more beautiful pictures.

These pictures just came in. No. 447 shining bright in the showroom of a befriended Citroën-dealer ( also M35-owner). It’s nearly finished, some small details left. Than for sure a nice final set of pictures will follow....

The restoration of 447 is approaching its end.

Initially we decided to do just some minor ameliorations on the paintwork, to make it look nicer but keep its original patina.
Once started we found out that most of the coachwork suffered from severe corrosion.