Prototype Citroen M35

Prototype Citroen M35
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Some time ago we posted that we had found an M35 in a museum in Switzerland, but the number wasn't visible. We called them; it's No. 416. At that moment they were quite busy, so more info will follow later.


No. 376 has been for sale the last few years at two adresses in France. First at ACCLC and later at Philippe Losson. These pictures were taken a few years ago by the current owner of No. 168 at ACCLC.

Not much is known about this M35. We do know it was bought in ’90 in a place called Champigny sur Marne departement 94 and added to the collection. We do have some pictures of how it was found.

No. 473 is the last-built M35, according to Citroën it rolled of the production line in Rennes la Janais on March 12 '71. Shortly after that it was delivered to a doctor in Metz, departement 57 Moselle. He drove it for two years, the oilchange card told 59.945km at Januari 29 '73, when I bought it it had around 63.000km on the clock. Probably he drove it until mid '73.

The owner of No. 168 immediately responded to my post, I got a set of nice pictures of the car. Here's a selection.