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Prototype Citroen M35
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The restoration of 447 is approaching its end.

Initially we decided to do just some minor ameliorations on the paintwork, to make it look nicer but keep its original patina.
Once started we found out that most of the coachwork suffered from severe corrosion.

The rear tips of the wings could not be used anymore, the driver side´s sill had a lot of rust and: we were not alone. For a long time mice must have been living under the roof ceiling. We found old French newspapers, leaves, hair and unfortunately: excrements, thus leading to partial destruction of the passenger side´s A-pillar due to long term “treatment” with ammonia from their excrements.
The deeper we got into the guts of 447 the more it became obvious that the body had to be welded and repainted. Good-bye, my loved patina.

Facing an entire repainting all windows were taken out, all seals overhauled as well as front and rear bumper, the trim strips and the hat shelf.

Fortunately the chassis was in good condition and the engine and all technical parts working well so that the decision was taken to leave them in place except for all small parts under the bonnet like mounts, brackets, fasteners, holders etc. which were taken out and painted black to make the surrounding environment look nicer.

The painting was executed extremely well, all old paintings were removed, the original Citroen painting and the second layer added years ago in France which was generously spilled over all parts which usually don’t get painted…..

Now the rest has to be reassembled and I hope to put it back on the road next season!