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Prototype Citroen M35
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No. 94 | 04.04.'70 | 31.000km| €12.500,- SOLD

This M35 is in about the same condition as our No. 473 was before restoration. It's got some surface rust, but no real misery can be found. The engine can be turned, we didn't do anything further to it yet.

Judging by the Tax-sticker it drove until ’73 and was than stored somewhere at Citroëns. After that it went to a dealer near Paris, where it has been awaiting better times in bad storage. The collector responsible for the large collection of M35's, tried to get it for years. In the early eigthies he succeeded, buying the first of 25 M35's to follow.

It is very original, even the spare wheel is unused. Even with the fact that drivers had to do at least 30.000km per year, its kilometrage of 31.000km seems plausible. It was part of the collection of 25 M35's. Now it's time to get it back on the road again. Several cars proceeded it to new owners, coöperating in la Nouvelle Opération M35. It's goal is to enjoy these exceptional cars to the full.

The price, €12.500,-, is based on the car in its current condition, including a significant amount of documentation and the coöperation mentioned above. More pictures can be seen in this webalbum.