Prototype Citroen M35

Prototype Citroen M35
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Regularly we get mail with info on M35's, like this message about No. 167. We already knew it existed, but now we have proof, at least that it still existed in '91. See below for the mail we got from Geert Jonker;

"Here are the pictures of M35 No. 167 I promised you. I made them in the summer of 1991 in a storage of Citroënagent H. Godefroy in Saint-Hilaire-Petitville, a small suburb of Carentan (Manche, 50) in Normandy. Godefroy at the time had a considerable collection of "sleeping" Citroëns and Panhards just behind his company. He obviously sometimes sold one, as on the terrain around the garage was a GS Birotor for sale. But the row of cars near the No. 167 seemed to be saved for the future. "

"I got to talk with M.Godefroy at a gasstation in Carentan where he came sliding in with an astonishing SM in Bleu Delta. I think it was quite seldom people got to see the collection of sleeping beauties in the back of his company, all covered in a thick layer of dust. The pictures were taken 21 years ago, but the company still exists and it wouldn't surprise me if No. 167 is still there, collecting dust. "


(pictures by Geert Jonker)