Prototype Citroen M35

Prototype Citroen M35
Explication Citroen M35
Citroen M35 à vendre
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Kijk hier voor historie, artikelen en naslagwerken

Kijk hier welke auto's gebouwd zijn en wat er over bekend is

Kijk hier wat er allemaal met M35's beleefd wordt

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Nous serions très reconnaissant de bien vouloir, si vous souhaitez traduire.

We already knew an M35 had left to Australia, but which one and where it went we didn't know. But happily we have a lot of people sympathizing with us.

It began with Marc whot told us a friend of his had a picture of the Australian, but the number was not readable. More info was asked but not found. Maybe the future would bring more.

After that we got a mesaage from Jaap, Wankel-guru, that he had some pictures of this M35. Several years ago he had corresponded with the owner. A renewed attempt to get in contact failed unfortunately.

Here are spmepictures of No. 86, maybe we'll learn more of it in the future.